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Why and How Do We Have Prisoners at Guantanamo?

Why and how do we have prisoners at Guantanamo? As part of the war on terrorism, President Bush issued an order that suspect terrorists are not entitled to the rights of the Geneva Convention. To try to get useful intelligence suspected terrorists were subject to renditions at black sites off the radar in places like Egypt. How much useful intelligence was gained is a matter of debate. The Gitmo prisoners end up in a “no man’s land” because of the lack of choices. What now? I’ll take that up next. What do you think?

Why Do We Have Guantanamo in the First Place?

The deadline for a decision on what to do with the Guantanamo prisoners has come. But why are we in Guantanamo in the first place? We have had a protectorate over Cuba since the Spanish American War. Our Guantanamo Bay base has unmistakable strategic importance. Even Castro’s Cuban Revolution didn’t change this. It is a secure military base, actually an ideal place for detaining potential terrorists.

How Big a Victory is Retaking Ramadi?

The Iraqi armed forces have retaken Ramadi. The American strategy of training and use of special forces is paying off. The real question is whether Iraq can hold on to Ramadi. Most of the Sunni Anbar Province is still under Sunni control. Still, this is a significant tactical victory, but whether it is a strategic victory remains to be seen. For the long term, developing a power sharing agreement is a critical need.

Why Paris?

France is fiercely secular and the most visited tourist site in Europe. ISIS was sending the message, “We can strike anywhere we want, any time we want.” France has not done a good job of assimilating Muslims. What does the Paris attack tell us about ISIS’ strategy? Here are my thoughts. I’d like to have your comments.