Is Political Ideology Responsible for Detroit’s Woes?

Despite the attempts in last night’s GOP debate in Detroit to politicize Detroit’s problems, the history is quite diferent. Detroit’s decline was the result of business decisions going back to the 1950’s. A utomakers ignored threats on the horizon and continued business as usual. Japan climbed from the ashes partly by applying Edward Deming’s quality concepts. By the 1980’s, Detroit woke up, but its market share had already plummeted. During part of that time, Michigan had a solid conservative Governor, George Romney. Add to that the fact that Detroit never fully recovered from race riots following the assasination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact of Ralph Nader, who pointed out that some of the cars being produced were “not safe at any speed,” and it becomes clear that much more is at work than political ideology. This ideological obsession really keeps us in the dark as far as solving the problems American cities face. That’s my opinion. What do you think?

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  1. Many hard working people are struggling because they cannot afford to pay rent, utilities, transportation ( maintain cars for work), insurance for health and car, food for the family and education. The government encourages developers to build “affordable housing” units. The rents are almost always more than 30% of the family’s income. Therefore, they struggle to make ends meet. If disaster strikes, illness or a layoff, the prospects of finding another job immediately is pretty dim.
    City living causes stress especially if work is located more than 20 minutes away from home. Detroit is a result of the lack of political will to do something. The Marshall Plan was good for Europe after WWII. Feeble attempts at Model Cities and the War on Poverty, and HUD’s failure to maintain housing for working families with low wages ( income) continues to result in the expansion of Food Pantries , soup kitchens and homelessness ( HUD now pays NGOs to maintain homeless shelters).
    Of course, so much of the problems in cities such as Detroit has been a result of wanting to maintain a segregated society. A blemish on a great country that continues to diminish us ( all immigrants) in the rest of the world. Unfortunately people like Trump, Cruz and Rubio have never met Liberty. The world is watching.

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